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As my motto is ‘Trust is Everything‘, sometimes it is necessary to settle our agreements and conditions in a written agreement, but we can agree an order also oral. In both cases, I will confirm this written per e-mail, so it’s clear for the both of us, what we have agreed. I always will inform you about these terms.
A link of these terms, is standard mentioned on my price-offers and on my invoices. When you want to adjust, postpone or cancel an order, it is necessary to send an e-mail. Oral adjustments, postponing or cancelling aren’t valid.

In these Copyright & Terms, I use:
~ ‘you’, ‘client’, ‘my client’ as a vistor or as a customer; as a company or as a private person.
~ ‘me’, ‘I’, ‘Dennis Vermeulen’, ‘Dennis’, the websites: ‘www.dennisvermeulen.com’, ‘www.dennisvermeulen.nl’ as the platform ‘www.dennisvermeulen.com and as my company.
~ photo(s), photograph(s), video(s), film(s), text, media; all the media, visible to you as visitor and or delivered to you as a customer.

– Orders for real-estate, cancelled within 24 hours, will be charged with 20% of the invoice-amount.
– Orders for a wedding, event, festival, company, campings, etc. (read: all others than real-estate), will be charged as below mentioned:
A: Till 180 days before the 1st agreed working day: 10% of the invoice-amount;
B: Between 180 and 90 days before the 1st agreed working day: 15% of the invoice-amount;
C: Between 90 and 60 days before the 1st agreed working day: 25% of the invoice-amount;
D: Between 60 and 30 days before the 1st agreed working day: 40% of the invoice-amount;
E: Within 30 days before the 1st agreed working day: 50% of the invoice-amount.

All prices are exclusive of VAT/MOMS. Payment terms are directly after receiving the invoice, though within 7 days after the invoice date or otherwise written agreed. Rates during the weekend: Saturday till 18:00 o’clock is 150%, thereafter is 200%. Sunday rates are 200%.

When you order postcards, please be informed about the below:
– The offered prices are exclusive shipping costs. When you order (a) postcard(s), I will inform you about the shipping-costs;
– The offered prices, for the postcards, are inclusive VAT/MOMS;
– The offer is valid as long as stock lasts and can be changed at any time;
– The postcards are not mend for commercial re-sale, please contact me.

All media (photographs and films) on this site are ‘© Dennis Vermeulen – All Rights Reserved’.
By entering this site, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement. All photographs, films and text appearing in the Dennisvermeulen.com website(s), are the exclusive property of Dennis Vermeulen (except where stated otherwise) and are protected under international copyright treaties.
They are made available for your personal viewing enjoyment only. No photographs and or films are within the Public Domain. The photographs and films may not be copied, reproduced, redistributed, manipulated, projected, used or altered in any way without the prior express written permission of Dennis Vermeulen and payment of a fee or arrangement thereof.
Permission is explicitly denied for any republication of text or photographs and films in this site without the prior express written consent of the author, Dennis Vermeulen. This includes publishing in print and on the internet for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

The media delivered, directly to you, as my client:
– Copyright on the media is and always will be at me;
– The media is only for you and for your one-time usage (or otherwise written agreed);
– You can not sell the media to 3rd parties;
– The media can not be used by 3rd parties, without a prior written permission of me;
– Do not add a filter(s) on the media. If you want any adjustments, please contact me and I will add/adjust these for you;
– I can use the media, which I made for you as client, for commercial//promotional purposes of me as company and on my (affiliated) websites as on my (affiliated) social media;
– Proof of your publication, printing work, brochures, newspaper, magazine etc. to be send to me in *.PDF format.

* Photography or filming for Real Estate Agents: please be informed that besides the above rules, also the below rules A & B are applicable for your media:
A. 3rd Parties also includes, the buyers of the photographed or filmed property. When they would like to use the media, please forward them to me;
B. When you want to use the media also for promotion of your company, please contact me.

Any photographs or films from this site or delivered directly to clients & 3rd parties must be credited properly in the media, such as:
– Digital Media;
– Printed Media;
– Social Media.

– Proper credit for photographs: ‘Photo(s) by: Dennis Vermeulen | www.dennisvermeulen.com’;
– Proper credit for film: ‘Film by: Dennis Vermeulen | www.dennisvermeulen.com’;
– Proper credit for photographs & film: ‘Photo(s) & Film by: Dennis Vermeulen | www.dennisvermeulen.com’.

Sometimes I make media available, free-of-charge, this for your website or social media. When you received (a) photograph/photographs or film(s) ‘free-of-charge’, please respect & follow the below:
– Do not remove my ‘© www.dennisvermeulen.com’ copyright from the photograph(s) or film(s);
– Do not add your logo and or name;
– Do not add a filter(s) etc, use the photograph(s) or film(s) as it is or send me a request to adjust the photograph(s) or film(s) according to your needs;
– Always mention a proper credit: see Crediting in the above paragraph; – I can always withdraw the ‘free-of-charge-media’ usage of the photograph(s) or film(s) files by abuse or not following these usage rules.

Not all my photos are published on my website. You can always contact me when you are looking for particular photos.
Photos from the archive on sight period: When buying something on the internet you have your ordered product(s) 14 days on sight. Our “on sight period” is the period once we have sent you (a) preview(s) of the photo(s) and you make a choice to order (a) photo(s) or not. When you contact us with a request for (a) photo(s) from the archive, we will send you on forehand (a) preview(s) of the photo(s), so you can make a choice which photo(s) you would like to order. Once you have ordered photos and we have send these photos accompanied with the invoice, we can’t accept any “returning” or refund request of the ordered photos.

When you use my media in a improper way, without an written consent or not in accordance with these terms, I will friendly ask you to adjust and or to remove the media within 7 days. When you don’t adjust, remove the media or not responding to my request, within 7 days, I will be forced to send you an invoice. Also, all my ~extra ~additional costs, are for your account.

When you have a question or remark, please contact me.

© Dennis Vermeulen 2022

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